Ruma: Cinnovation Group invests 8.5 million EUR in new factory

Nepal-based Cinnovation Group should soon start building a factory for the production of noodles, soups and other pasta products in the Rumska Petlja work zone.

The president of the municipality of Ruma, Sladjan Mancic, has had a meeting with the company’s representatives, where it has been confirmed once more that the first employments will start soon.

The factory will employ 409 workers, the value of the investment has been estimated at EUR 8.5 million, and the projections are that the investments will grow to over EUR 13 million in the next three years.

Mancic explains that representatives of the Nepal-based company have confirmed that the construction of the production facility will start on August 15.

– Although the completion of the construction is planned for February 2017, the company will start hiring workers this September. They will have employed 166 workers by the end of the year, since this is one of the conditions for getting the subsidies from the Government of Serbia – Mancic explains.

He also points out that a new group of workers which will be hired by the French company Hutchinson, which is planning to open a new production facility in Ruma, went to training in Poland a few days ago and adds that they have obliged to hire 200 people by the end of next year.

– In the first seven months that this company has been operating in Ruma, over 200 workers have already been employed. A group of people goes to training in Poland literally each weekend. Even more importantly, they have already started building another factory, where 400 people will be employed – Mancic says and adds that negotiations are in progress with several other investors, which will positively impact the general development of the area, in addition to reducing the unemployment rate in the municipality of Ruma.

(Dnevnik, 11.08.2016)

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