RTV refuses all requests of #1in5 million protesters

The representatives of the #1in5 million protest in Novi Sad said today that Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV) did not accept any of the requests they submitted to them regarding the general reporting of this TV station about the protests and the topics of public importance.

“The response that we got from RTV, in which they reject every single of our requests, will be forwarded to the organizers of protest rallies throughout Vojvodina, so that they will be informed, in a timely manner, of the outcome of the civil initiative addressed to that public media institution, in which RTV was asked to respect and fulfil its obligations under the laws on public information, electronic media and public media services,” it was said in a statement.

The protesters will be informed of this at the next protest in Novi Sad which is scheduled for tomorrow, at 6 pm.

In a letter, the RTV Director General, Miodrag Koprivica says that that public TV station follows the #1in5 million protests on all of its media platforms, adding that the protesters’ demands constitute “pressure on the editorial policy of RTV and each editor separately.”

“Fulfilling the demands of the protesters regarding the duration of the reporting about the protests would violate the journalistic laws and codes, while the protesters’ request to give them five minutes of airtime on RTV at 5 pm news is an attempt to censor the station’s programme,” Koprivica stated in the letter.

The protesters add that, in the letter, there is no mention of their request for the opposition block to be given the same airtime as the ruling party, and under the same conditions.

“This is one of the crucial requests that we had for RTV, which is entirely based on the obligations that the public media service has under the said laws,” the protesters added.

(NovI Magazin, 28.03.2019)



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