RTS rewards its vaccinated employees with 10,000 dinars

The employees of the public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), who were inoculated with both doses of the coronavirus vaccine by 15th August this year, were given 10,000 dinars each by the broadcaster as a reward for their contribution to preventing the spread of the pandemic. Thus, RTS became the first public company in Serbia to financially stimulate vaccination.

The notice, circulated on the web, issued by the RTS’ payroll department says: “The salary for July 2021 was disbursed. Along with the salary, 10,000 dinars was disbursed to those employees who produced a vaccination notice, confirming that they have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine by the 15th August. This compensation award is shown in the calculation list in the gross amount of 14,266 dinars, under the payroll code 666.”

The unusual code and the absence of the company stamp that is usually found on such documents led some people to believe that this was a joke, but RTS confirmed that the document was true. “Those employees who have submitted a certificate of full immunisation (vaccination) have been granted a reward in the amount of 10,000 dinars, for their contribution to preventing the spread of the pandemic. It will also be disbursed to employees who vaccinate by 25th September,” the RTS letter reads.

(Blic, 29.08.2021)





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