Ronan Air to start flying from Belgrade

The Hungarian startup airline Ronan Air, which plans to launch flights in mid-2019, has confirmed for Aviatica that flights between Budapest and Belgrade are being planned.

According to the Hungarian media, Ronan Air is planning flights to 22 European cities, but the exact date has not yet been specified. The company has placed job ads for administrative positions, and the ads state that the beginning of the operations is scheduled for July 1.

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The company’s PR service says that the plan is for the flights to be launched “in mid-2019”, and they have also confirmed that Belgrade will be one of the first destinations. As the Aviatica portal learns, the daily Budapest-Belgrade air service would be launched in late August. The plane model and the flight schedule are not yet known.

However, there are still many unclear things about the company. Although it was founded back in 2014, it has not had any flights since and it is not known what its fleet will be. The company’s website still features an announcement of the beginning of flight operations in the summer of 2017. In other words, the website hasn’t been updated for at least two years.

The company has been mentioned in the media several times as a new Hungarian national airline, which is supposed to replace Malev. This doesn’t seem realistic, as the company’s owner is a foreign resident. Furthermore, the state of Hungary has no ownership stake in the company.

Ronan Air’s owner is Godaliyange Rohan Nanayakkara, a resident of Sri Lanka, who he has been an honorary consul of Hungary in Sri Lanka since 1993.

(Aviatica, 19.02.2019)


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