Romanian TeraSteel to launch production in Leskovac

The Romanian company TeraSteel, which has bought a part of the Interlemind factory in Leskovac, will start producing construction sandwich-panels in September or October, the company’s representatives announced on Thursday, August 3.

The first workers have been hired, 17 of a total of 40 planned, and they are already being trained in Romania, at the parent TeraSteel plant in Bistrica.

The Romanians have recently bought one of the two parts of the factory at an auction for EUR 4.3 million, and they plan to invest an additional EUR 6.7 million in repairing the facility and the machines and putting a new line into operation, as well as the production of stone-wool panels.

Once the factory in Leskovac is completed, its production capacity will amount to 2.2 million square meters of panels for the markets of Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary and the markets of the region, but also for southern Romania and eastern Greece.

The executive director of the company, Zoran Cvejovic, underlined that the Romanians had invested their own capital, that they wouldn’t be looking for subsidies in the near future and that they had no obligations towards former workers or the state.

In TeraSteel, 30 people will work on automated machines, whereas 10 will be employed in the administrative department.

The investment in Leskovac is the biggest investment made by TeraSteel outside Romania so far and the first one in Serbia.

(eKapija, 03.08.2017)


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