Rogozin: Serbia will never join the EU

The European Union will never allow Serbia to become its member, the Russian deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin said. Rogozin attended the presidential inauguration of Aleksandar Vucic and gave an interview to Sputnik on Sunday.

When asked what he expected from the new Serbian government “praised by the West as pro-Western”, Rogozin said: “You know, if you scratch under the surface of certain Serbian liberals, a real Serb would appear. We do not have any illusions over your government. You will have a good government”, Rogozin said alluding to the cabinet of Ana Brnabic which is yet to be confirmed by the parliament.

But the top Russian official predicted a dark European perspective for Serbia.

“They (the EU) will set such conditions that will prevent you from ever joining the EU. Firstly, what should you join? The place that everybody is running away from? It is scandalous over there. The British are leaving and they are persuading you to join? It doesn’t make any sense. Something is wrong there”, Rogozin told Sputnik.

He then talked about the EU’s alleged prerequisite for Serbia of recognizing Kosovo’s independence.  “You will have to give up Kosovo. And you will never do that. Even the most pro-Western Serb would never betray his fatherland. You can make the arrangements regarding economy, exchange rate, taxes… but this is about the betrayal. Without giving up Kosovo, the EU will not accept Serbia as its member. So, it is going to be a long-lasting process”, he said.

He then went on to draw a parallel between Serbia and Turkey in regard to the EU membership.

“Serbia will join the EU just like Turkey did. Or … they would break you into pieces, and then accept you part by part. The moment they grant you a membership, they will lose any interest of you. They say that there is this game played between the EU and Russia – which one can appeal to Serbia more. But, in fact, there’s no game. There is no result, because Russia and Serbia will always be together”, Rogozin concluded adding that Serbia could have good relations with the EU members without becoming a member.

When asked when would the Russian MiG fighter jets be transferred to Serbia, Rogozin did not give a precise answer. “The president (Vladimir Putin) will inform you of this. I would love to tell you, but we have agreed that he will be the one to tell you. It’s not just about MiGs, it’s a lot of stuff – tanks, transport planes… It is a serious and big assistance”, Rogozin adds. “The Serbs will get everything, including the S-400 missile system, if that is required”, he underlined.

(IBNA, 26.06.20107)


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