Rock Opera in Sava Centre on 28th November

A year and a half after the beginning of their adventure, the brilliant musicians of the Opera of the Serbian National Theatre and the Big Band of Novi Sad, now united under the joint name of “POP’s Orchestra”, together with extraordinary soloists under the direction of Maestro Fedor Vrtačnik, have decided to continue to enchant the public with new rock hits; their newest performance is scheduled for November 28th, at the Sava Centre.

The event’s press release reads:” There will be new songs in the repertoire, the sound will be purer and more exciting, and the artists, most of whom are classical musicians, will once again mix different musical genres. This musical show knows no limits, and the concert will be equally appreciated by lovers of classical music and rock, blues, jazz, pop and opera.”

The show was also performed at the 17th Belgrade Beer Fest in August, in front of over 100,000 people.

Tickets for this event will soon go on sale at affordable prices.

(Blic, 01.10.2019)

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