Roaming, Comtrade, Gigatron and others fined for fixing electronics prices

Serbian consumers definitely have a problem with exuberant prices of electronics and the companies that import or sell such products often have the same opinion, writes Danas daily.

In fact, for years consumers have been paying more for TV sets, audio systems and computers than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Wholesalers also have a problem with prices because some retailers have lowered the prices of TV sets more than they should and thus violated the agreement in which no one changes prices and limits the revenue of others. This is what the Competition Protection Commission’s investigation found, i.e. they found out that competition rules have been broken by these restrictive price-fixing agreements.

In the first case, we are talking about the distribution of the Tesla brand whose manufacturer is Comtrade. The Commission established that this company had such agreements with its major clients such as Gigatron, Tehnomanija, Tehnomedija, Emmezeta and XLS, which operates CTShop stores.

In the second case, it was established that the company Roaming Electronics, under which Tehnomanija and WinWin operate, had similar agreements with the same retailers, namely, with Gigatron, Emmezeta, Tehnomedika and XLS.

In the first case, Comtrade was fined 34.4 million dinars, Tehnomanija 5.5 million dinars, Gigatron 4.2 million dinars, Tehnomedija 1.33 million dinars, Emmezeta Serbia 690,000 and XLS 575,000 dinars.

Roaming Electronics, which is the importer of many brands of major manufacturers of consumer electronics, TV sets, mobile phones and other devices, was fined 14.66 million dinars.

(Nova, 18.01.2021)



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