“Riznica ukusa Vojvodine” brochure presented in Belgrade

Vojvodina is an area with enormous potential for the development of agricultural and food products and tourism, it was said yesterday during the round table discussion called “The Treasury of Vojvodina’s Tastes” (Riznica Ukusa Vojvodine), held at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade.

As the participants pointed out, the territory of Vojvodina was at a historical crossroads of cultures and traditions that local and foreign tourists have yet to discover. In order to promote it as a tourist destination, a project and a brochure entitled “The Treasury of Vojvodina’s Tastes” were launched.

“Quality food and traditional flavours characteristic Vojvodina’s climate are an opportunity to be seized in order for the region to become even better positioned on the global tourism map,” the panel participants said.

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“The idea for the project “The Treasury of Vojvodina Tastes” came from the observation that people in the region often complain about the lack of economic opportunities and do not see the precious heritage they have at home. In “Old Europe”, and Vojvodina belongs to that area in its entirety, gastronomic tourism and a passion for local specialities are a strong element of the economy and culture. So, the inspiration for the book came from what we already have in Italy, the Slow Food Association,” said Giorgio Marchegiani, Chairman of the DDOR Insurance Board of Directors.

As pointed out, the Slow Food Association has been successfully promoting both the culture of local specialities.

“When we look at Vojvodina, we wonder what the difference is between Amalfi lemons and Futog cabbage? And why try to produce mozzarella here when you have Mokrinski sir (the cheese from Mokrin)? With this brochure we have done something useful for the country, also because as insurance company we are interested in developing the economy,” Marchegiani underlined.

According to him, the idea of sustainable tourism and the development of cultural heritage bring enormous economic benefits.

“First of all, new jobs are being created and special value is assigned to local resources. Sustainable tourism also gives a competitive edge – it is original, it represents a stable ecosystem comprising agriculture, local and foreign tourism, and represents an alternative to the process of urbanization, offering new opportunities to many generations, women and pensioners”, concluded Marchegiani.

The panel participants included Natasa Pavlovic (Director of the Vojvodina Tourist Board), Giorgio Marchegiani (Chairman of DDOR’s Board of Directors), Predrag Ikonic (associate researcher of the University of Novi Sad, Scientific Food Technology Institute) and Biagio Carrano (a representative of the Slow Food Convivium in Serbia).

(eKapija, 17.10.2019)




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