Rio Tinto wants to resume Jadar project despite government ban

The Alliance of Environmental Organizations of Serbia (SEOS) published a document backing its claims of Rio Tinto’s attempts to resume the Jadar Project.

The Alliance said that the Rio Tinto Company has been trying to find a partner for the drafting of a document containing a solution and project for wastewater treatment and that the Jadar Project has not been “shut down”, since this company expects it to pick up where it was left off.

The documents published by SEOS indicate “cooperation between the companies Rio Tinto and Bechtel in the further realization of the Jadar Project”.

“Representatives of the executive branch admitted to Rio Tinto that they are susceptible to corruption,” SEOS said in a press release, adding that “the country’s president also talked about paying back the billion euros to Rio Tinto.” However, none of these claims can be found in the official documents and is, therefore, “probably a part of the behind-the-scenes from-one-pocket-to-another activities.”

SEOS said it has “reliable information” that the company will try to bribe the experts who were against the Jadar Project, but added that it strongly believes they will not “succumb to their offers”.

Rio Tinto’s lithium mining Jadar Project in western Serbia caused massive protests and environmentalists and the opposition remain sceptical about the Government’s promise that Rio Tinto has put an end to its activities in the country.

(Danas, N1, 10.08.2022)


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