Rio Tinto is buying up all the land for the lithium mine; evictions underway

Rio Tinto now owns 40% of the total 250 hectares of land planned to be used as a lithium mine in the vicinity of Loznica, CINS reported.

In the article titled “How Rio Tinto bought Loznica”, the Centre for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) also stated that half of the 52 families have been evicted from the village of Brezjak.

“The land purchase is going well for now,” said the Rio Tinto Company representative Stefan Janković.

One square metre of a house in that area can now be sold for about 470 euros, while one square metre of a garage, pantry, pigsty, barn or cellar is worth about 200 euros, reports the CINS. Fences, gates, concrete driveways in the courtyard are paid for separately and additionally, while if someone is selling an entire house in the area will get an additional 5,000 euros.

There is also a bonus for those who move out within the first 4 months of receiving the offer – an additional 1,000 euros. On its official website, the CINS has also published the proposal for the purchase of a property in the area of Brezjak, which, according to the document, was prepared by the company Rio Sava, which operates under Rio Tinto, in connection with the Jadar project.

(, 09.08.2021)




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