Ringer announcement about the weekly newspaper NIN: We are transferring ownership to Jelena Drakulić

Ringier Serbia has transferred its entire ownership share in NIN to the general director Jelena Drakulić Petrović, the company announced.

“Ringier Serbia d.o.o. Beograd-Stari grad, a company wholly owned by the Swiss Ringier AG and the main shareholder of the media company NIN since 2009 and the publisher of the weekly NIN, is pleased to announce the transfer of its entire ownership stake in NIN d.o.o. to the general director of Ringier Serbia d.o.o. Jelena Drakulić Petrović”, the announcement states. By the statement, the transaction has already been completed, which means a smooth ownership transfer. “Both parties have mutually agreed not to disclose the details of the ownership transfer,” the company said.

NIN (Nedeljne Informativne Novine – Weekly Informative Newspaper), the oldest weekly newspaper in the Balkans, was founded by a group of intellectuals on January 26, 1935. Nine decades later, NIN is the leader in the market of socio-political magazines in Serbia. The added value of NIN media brand is the NIN critic’s award for the novel of the year, established in 1954, which is awarded to the most prolific writers and which was and remains a significant event in literary culture.

Marc Walder, general director of the Ringier Group, said that he was convinced “that NIN under the leadership of Jelena Drakulić Petrović has a promising future”. “With her many years of successful experience in media business, she will continue the successful development of the renowned NIN”, added Walder.

Jelena Drakulić Petrović said that “the focus remains on the successful professional business of Ringier Serbia. It is my honor to take over NIN – a respectable newspaper for political, social and cultural issues, after 20 years of professional involvement within Ringier. We continue to foster independence, trust and information with a critical view of socio-political events. My focus still remains on the successful professional business of Ringier Serbia, which this year marks 27 years in our country,” said Drakulić Petrović, general director of Ringier Serbia and the new owner of NIN.

Source:  https://n1info.rs/vesti/ringier-se-oglasio-o-nedeljniku-nin-vlasnistvo-prenosimo-jeleni-drakulic/

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