Richard Grenell to come to Belgrade and Pristina with DFC officials

The US President Donald Trump’s special envoy for Belgrade – Pristina dialogue, Richard Grenell said late on Sunday the implementation of the agreement the two sides signed at the White House on September 4 was a priority of Trump’s administration.

His tweet, including the message “See you in Pristina and Belgrade this week,” came after Kosovo’s ambassador to Washington Vlora Çitaku stated that the DFC delegation would visit Pristina and Belgrade.

DFC said its delegation headed by the executive director Adam Bohler would visit Greece, Kosovo, Serbia and Israel in the next five days to improve the economic cooperation and development.

Grenell will join the US International Finance Development Corporation (DFC) delegation, which also comes because of the implementation of the Washington agreement between Kosovo’s and Serbia’s leaders on the normalisation of economic relations.

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A part of the deal is Kosovo and Serbia cooperation with the DFC and the US Export-Import (EXIM) Bank on a memorandum of understanding for the realisation of the ‘Motorway of Peace,’ (Autoput Mira), the railway connections Pristina – Merdare, and Nis – Pristina, and a provision of loan financing of small and medium-sized companies, additional bilateral projects and the DFC permanent presence in Belgrade.

DFC Executive Director Adam Bohler and EXIM Bank Director Kimberly Reed, who will also be part of the US government delegation, signed letters of intent with Serbia and Kosovo on Tuesday to help finance the construction of the ‘Motorway of Peace’ between Nis and Pristina.  

The American delegation’s visits are aimed at strengthening economic cooperation and development, it is stated in the announcement. The delegation will have meetings with high government officials, but also representatives of the private sector.

According to the published announcement, DFC will work towards opening a new office in Belgrade as part of the visit, which will, as stated, support economic development in the region.

“The delegation will promote strategic investments that support the diversity of offers and the strengthening of energy independence in Greece and the wider region. The delegation will also assess the possibilities for increasing investments in the region in order to ensure stability and economic cooperation in the Middle East, “the statement added.

(Voice of America, 21.09.2020)


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