Rhenus Logistics from Germany interested in Port of Novi Sad

Among the letters of intent for the privatization of the state-owned Port of Novi Sad is the offer by the German giant Rhenus Logistics, Blic learns and adds that, if everything falls into place the port will most probably end up in the hands of the German company which plans to to modernize and expand it.

Rhenus is one of the leading European port operators, also dealing in transport of goods by truck and road passenger transport, in addition to its river transport operations. The company has an annual turnover of EUR 4.6 billion and its data show that it employs 26,000 people in offices throughout the world.

The deadline for the privatization of the port has not been set, but Blic learns that the German company will be invited by the end of 2016 if it registers and performs the evaluation of its property on time.

The port has paid dividend to the state budget twice in the past two years, as the only state-owned company in its sector that makes profit. This year, RSD 6 million went to the state. A million tons of goods are transported through the Port of Novi Sad each year.

The Port of Novi Sad has 155 employees, and the port area spreads over more than 30 hectares. According to its website, it has 15 open and closed warehouses, totaling 79,000 square meters. It was previously mentioned that the port was worth EUR 21 million, but, according to our sources, the number is approximate and might be bigger due to the great interest shown by the investor.

There was an attempt at a privatization in 2009, when the authorities decided to establish a subsidiary and transfer all property to it, so that it may be sold. The French port giant CFNR was seen as the most interested bidder for the takeover. Former mayor of Novi Sad Igor Pavlicic noted during his mandate that the Azerbaijani were also interested in the port.

(Blic, eKapija, 10.11.2016)



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  1. jj says:

    It’s not wise to sell your ports to a foreign government.

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