Return ticket for the Novi Sad-Belgrade fast train 1,600 dinars

The price of a round-trip ticket with the fast train commuting from Novi Sad to Belgrade will be 1,600 dinars and 1,000 dinars for one-way – Director-General of Srbija Voz, Jugoslav Jovic, has confirmed.

He explained that the train will not make stops and will have a catering service. Jovic added that there will be three types of trains running on the Novi Sad-Belgrade route – one that will not stop at any station, another that will stop at all stations and a third that will stop only at selected stations.

Ticket prices for the other trains have not yet been specified. A high-speed train, produced by the Swiss company Stadler, that develops a speed of up to 200 kilometres per hour has arrived in Serbia and two more such trains will be purchased.

Jovic added that the trains will have free wi-fi, a minibar, a special section for large luggage and seats reserved for people with special needs.

(, 03.02.2022)


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