Return of face masks

At today’s session, the Ministry of Health’s working group in charge of anti-COVID measures decided that visitors and workers at healthcare facilities should start wearing face masks again as the number of people infected with COVID-19 has started to grow.

40 patients hospitalized at the Oncology Institute have been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection recently.  

Also, testing on COVID is now mandatory for all employees in health institutions, particularly if they are showing symptoms of acute respiratory infection.

Patient testing is also now mandatory as a prerequisite for their hospitalization, particularly in haematology and oncology departments, as well as geriatric departments and departments where patients with primary and severe immunodeficiencies are treated.

A ban on visits to hospitals under the jurisdiction of the Commission for the Prevention of Hospital Infections was also introduced.

In terms of hospital capacities for accommodating hospitalized patients suffering from COVID-19, the Working Group assessed that the current capacities are sufficient for treating patients with COVID-19.

(Vreme, 18.09.2023)

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