Research: Average IQ in Serbia is 90, Belarus has the highest IQ in Europe

Serbian population has an average IQ of 90, according to the results of the latest research of the world’s intelligence quotient which was conducted all over the world.

Of the countries in the region, Slovenians have an average IQ of 99, Croatia 96, Bosnia and Herzegovina 89, Montenegro 86, Albania 82, while North Macedonian have the same score as Albania.

 The population of Bosnia and Herzegovina has the same state intelligence coefficient as Armenia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Thailand.

Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, with the IQ of 106 points, just ahead of China (104), top the list. 

Due to changes in the methodology and lack of results from standardized international school exams, the emerging new European champion in IQ is Belarus (102), followed by a group of countries – Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia and Liechtenstein with the IQ of 101.

There are 14 countries, mostly African, which scored the lowest on the global IQ scale, which were given an arbitrary IQ of 60,  due to the lack of rigorous data, and statistical incompatibility of the algorithm at a lower margin.

The research was done in cooperation with the renowned intelligence researcher Richard Lynn and political researcher David Becker, and the results were published in the book “The Intelligence of Nations”.

(, 03.07.2019)




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