Requirements for the so-called COVID passport

“In order to obtain a so-called COVID passport, you probably won’t need to be vaccinated but you will have to provide a negative PCR test,” said the director of the National Association of Tourism Agencies of Serbia (YUTA), Aleksandar Senicic, pointing out that the new passports will probably be in electronic format, so citizens will not have to make a new passport, in paper.

Asked to comment on the possibility of introducing COVID passports in Serbia, since many countries and airlines have been contemplating this option, Senicic expects that obtaining a COVID passport will be possible on the basis of a negative PCR, serological or rapid test.

He estimates that with the negative PCR test or vaccination, the data will be stored on a personalized QR code that travellers will have in their mobile phones, tablets, computers and customs or some other authorities will allow the person to enter the country by scanning their QR code.

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Senicic recalls that the idea of COVID passports came from the International Association of Air Carriers, IATA, which is supposed to facilitate a gradual recovery of the tourist and aviation industry.

Also, IATA has recently presented Travel Pass, a mobile application that should help passengers to organize their travel more easily and safely, complying with the entry requirements of a particular country.

Senicic also expects that the decision on the use of COVID passports will be made globally, and will be implemented by airlines and developed countries of the world, and especially North America and the EU.

Some airlines have already said that COVID passports will be a prerequisite for flying in the coming period, such as the Australian airline, Qantas.

(Politika, 04.01.2021)



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