Rent an umbrella from Belgrade’s Parking Servis

You probably did not know that you can rent an umbrella from Belgrade’s public parking company, Parking Servis, i.e. at its 14 garages. The only condition is that you need to leave a 300 dinar deposit which will be refunded to you once you return the umbrella in the same condition you rented it out.

The garages “Obilićev venac”, “Zeleni venac”, “Masarikova”, “Pionirski park”, “Vukov spomenik”, “Botanička bašta”, “Dr Aleksandar Kostić” and at the parking spaces “Slavija”, “Milan Gale Muškatirović”, “Cvetkova pijaca”,”VMA”,”Ada Ciganlija”,”Donji grad” and International Terminal all provide rent-an-umbrella service. When renting an umbrella, you will also need to leave your full name and sign a check-out slip.

The deadline for returning the borrowed umbrella is two days.

(Telegraf, 20.05.2019)

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