Renovated Pionir Hall to open on October 1, seats for 8,000 people

The Lotex Company is currently finalizing the reconstruction of the Aleksandar Nikolic Sports Hall (popularly called Pionir Hall) that is scheduled to open on 1 October.

The director of the Tasmajdan Sports Centre, Milan Novovic said that 95% of the planned works have been completed and that the building would officially open next week.

“Some details still need to be finished like the parterre and the part in front of the complex. Once the reconstruction is finished, the Hall will have a much bigger capacity and will easily accommodate basketball, handball and volleyball matches, as well as martial arts tournaments,” Novovic added.

The deputy mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic said that the Pionir sports complex, which is a symbol of Belgrade basketball, has been given a total overhaul

“The reconstructed space will be able to accommodate 8,000 people. New floors have been installed, and the lighting and air conditioning have been replaced. New seats, a new loggia and grandstands, which previously took a long time to install, were also installed. There is also a new fire protection system in place and the ceiling has been completely replaced. The renovation of changing rooms is still ongoing,” Vesic added.

The space in front of the complex, which will house the bust of Professor Aleksandar Nikolic, will also be completely reorganized.

As part of the renovation of the former Pionir Hall, the president of the Serbian Olympic Committee Bozidar Maljkovic announced the opening of commemorative rooms dedicated to Professor Aleksandar Nikolic. “Great work has been done. The hall is more compact and the acoustics are further improved,” he added.

(eKapija, 22.09.2019)



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