REM bans SNS’ promotional video clip featuring Vucic and a child

Serbia’s Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) banned on Monday the controversial promotional video showing President Aleksandar Vucic and a minor talking about the Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) plans – Judita Popovic from REM told Insajder, an independent production network.

In the video, Vucic asked the six-year-old girl about new roads, kindergartens and schools, and whether she wanted Vucic to get her father back from Germany where he worked.

REM ordered the media to stop airing the SNS video within the next 24 hours. The N1 TV had earlier asked REM to rule on the video urgently, and over 400 educators protested over the video.  Many NGOs have also protested against the video.

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Vucic earlier said his party would honour the decision by the respective institutions, but asked why the video should be banned?

“The abuse of children? They (the opposition parties) had children in almost all promotional videos… We did obtain parents’ permit,” Vucic was quoted as saying.

He added the decision to ban his video clip was odd, “because it is a precedent in the world and certainly in Serbia.”

The Rule Book stipulates clear guidelines when it comes to using minors in the media and “bans the use of children in political activities regardless of their parents’ agreement,” Visnja Arandjelovic, a REM member said.    

The REM has established that the video “broadcast on different media”, is in contradiction with Article 24, paragraph 4 of the aforementioned Regulation, which states that “it is forbidden to use minors for political purposes or abuse such participation”,

(Danas, 01.06.2020)


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