REM bans broadcasting reality shows before 11 pm

The Council of the Electronic Media Regulatory Body (REM) has decided to start drafting a regulation that will limit the broadcasting of reality shows from 11 pm to 6 am.

REM will file a criminal complaint against Kristijan Golubović, a participant in the reality show Zadruga, who was giving death threats against another participant and will initiate proceedings against the Pink TV which broadcasts the reality show in question.

As a sanction to a broadcaster, the law prescribes a simple reprimand or warning or a ban on broadcasting the specific programme until the broadcasting license is revoked.

Following the proposal of three members of its members – Slobodan Cvejić, Judita Popović and Višnja Arandjelović – the Council began drafting a regulation on the broadcasting of reality shows that “force people into living together in a closed-off environment”.

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“Such regulation is binding and implies that reality shows can only be broadcast between 11 pm and 6 am. The draft regulation will then be forwarded to the Ministry for their opinion and then will be put up to a public debate. However, neither the opinion of the ministry nor the public debate are binding, so we believe that the regulation will be adopted in the form in which it has already been drafted “, said Cvejić.

Back in May, REM refused to decide on a proposal that would limit the broadcast time of reality shows, with a narrow majority of five to four votes.

(N1, 22.09.2020)


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