Regional business people see construction as the most profitable business

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the formation of new companies in the region, but it has also shown some realignments in the business world in 2020, according to data from the rating company CompanyWall.

Business people from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina mostly believe that they will be able to make money in the coming period if they invest in the construction sector, a business activity in the top five in terms of the number of companies opened.

Some builders have decided to close their companies, but this, according to experts, is normal, because some companies were in trouble before the pandemic hit.

According to the website, like most countries in the region, Serbia, where as many as 4,517 specialized construction companies were established last year, used the pandemic period to intensify infrastructure works.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, there are currently 16,000 more active construction sites in Serbia than in the same period last year. The biggest developer is the state, considering that the currently active infrastructure works are worth as much as 30 billion dinars more than in the previous year.

In Serbia, unlike all other countries in the region, a significant number of established companies were registered in the land transport and pipeline transport sectors.

When it comes to retail, last year in Serbia, more retail stores were closed than opened. According to the analysis conducted by CompanyWall, 3,404 retail stores were opened, but 3,631 closed during the same period.

This trend is not surprising given the estimates of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications that the turnover in the food and beverage industry from selling online has increased by 200% since April last year, the turnover from online sales of clothing by about 100% and the turnover from the online sale of electronic devices by about half.

(Novi Magazin, 25.01.2021)


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