Regional agreement on roaming charges to be signed in April

A regional agreement on roaming charges in the Western Balkans will be signed at the upcoming 2nd Western Balkans Digital Summit in Belgrade in April, it was agreed at Monday’s ministerial working lunch in Skopje.

“Serbia is committed to participation with other Western Balkan partners in preparations for European integration, and reduction of roaming charges is one of the significant steps,” State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic said, adding that regional connectivity was encouraging development of the digital economy and society and helping approximation to the EU’s Single Digital Market.

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She said a draft agreement on the reduction of roaming charges in regional public mobile communication networks had been agreed and defined regulation of retail and wholesale prices among other aspects.

Minister of Information Society and Administration of Northern Macedonia, Damjan Mancevski said that there is also a possibility of signing of the Agreement on mutual recognition of qualified trust services between Serbia and Macedonia at the upcoming Digital Summit of the Western Balkans in Belgrade.

He explained that the agreement stipulates that qualified trust services have the same legal effect in the signatory countries, and enable a more secure and bigger electronic business between these countries.

European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel said she expects the Regional Roaming Agreement involving the Western Balkan countries to be signed at the Digital Summit of the Western Balkans to be held in Belgrade on April 4 and 5.

The ministerial meeting in Skopje announced the establishment of regional training centres for information security too.

(Danas, 18.02.2019)


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