Record wheat yield this year

This year, Serbia will reap about 3.3 million tons of wheat, and this season could be a record one, says the president of the Association Zito, Vukosav Sakovic.

Sakovic adds that with the reserves from last year, Serbia will have over 3.5 million tons of wheat, at its disposal, with the Serbian market’s needs for wheat amounting to roughly 1.5 million tons. The country could export the rest of the wheat, about 1.7 million tons.

Experts say that selling wheat in international market has become increasingly difficult because the production of wheat on a global scale is very high, and the stocks are constantly increasing, so in the past few years, the prices have been quite low.

 “This year, the harvest began very early, before 10th June.  Currently, we are half way through the harvest”,  said Sakovic, adding that given the wheat area and the number of combines in Serbia, the harvest can be completed in seven days.

Last year, in Serbia, wheat was sown on record 675,000 hectares of land because the weather conditions were such that they suited wheat.

The current price of wheat is in a slight decline, and those farmers who have managed to sell their wheat before the harvest faired the best.

Sakovic further explains that when the rainy weather lasts for more than 10 days, this may adversely affect the quality of wheat, which, again, can further affect the price of grain, both in Serbia and in the international market.

“The current price is on the international market is on a slight decline. We started selling wheat in April and so far we sold about 200,000 tons of new genus. Those who sold before the harvest had a better price. At that time, the price of our wheat is around 17 dinars per kilo, while today the price is about 16 dinars”, explains Sakovic.

Once the harvest is done, the price will be formed based on the quality of wheat and market offer.

(Nova Ekonomija, 25.06.2018)


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