Record heat is expected in the Balkans during the summer

If the forecast of the world’s most popular weather service, AccuWeather, turns out to be correct, record heat is expected for next summer in the southern part of Europe and the Balkans, interrupted mostly by severe thunderstorms and storms.

In its summer forecast for Europe, Accuweather reports that high temperatures will prevail and the highest temperatures out of all European regions will occur in the Balkans. Like last summer, in the Balkan cities the summer temperatures this year will exceed 32° which could be a big burden on the power sector as well.

Heavy thunderstorms and storms in the region will interrupt the summer heat from time to time. The risk of drought will also increase, although meteorologists believe it will be less pronounced than last summer.

Frequent showers followed by thunderstorms will happen in the second part of the summer, and such weather conditions could have a negative impact on agriculture, especially on cereals, corn, but also other crops.

(Telegraf, 19.05.2022)



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