Reasons Why Men Leave Beloved Partners

As a rule, a woman sincerely does not understand why a man found another one which is not even better than her. Of course, it’s hard to understand all this. But, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And that’s for sure. Staying together is not an indicator of love, and leaving doesn’t mean the absence of feelings. It is impossible to love a person without loving yourself. Love for a man begins with self-love. When men feel that the woman is strong and independent, they will never leave her.

● Can You Love Another One Without Loving Yourself?

Each of us is born on earth with our needs. And the main ones are safety and love. Over time, additional ones are formed: a sense of self-significance, a need for a family, a manifestation of oneself and one’s abilities, respect, and recognition in the society. The main problem for most of us is that our basic needs were not met in childhood. Therefore, you go into Sweetydate Website to fill the “childhood deficit” and, of course, you expect from a partner — love, care, a sense of your significance, and value for them.

A woman will not be able to fall in love with a man if she is insecure. She will use him to satisfy her own needs if her unconscious mind is still dissatisfied with the amount of attention and love she got from her parents in early childhood. In such circumstances, a man becomes a tool for her moral

satisfaction. For women and men, true love is equally vital. Unfortunately, most people mistake the need for love for the ability to love.

● How Can You Recognize the Lack of Self-Love?

If you want to satisfy a need, you will require partners constant proofs of their feelings. You will want them to scream about your importance in their life. And if expectations are not met, the requirements are not satisfied, anger comes instead of love. The years will pass, and the chosen one will not change. But your perception of them will. Why?

Just because expectations were not met, and the matter is not in the partner at all — they have not changed at all. You wanted to love, and for this, you made sacrifices, adjusted your character, put up with something, changed your plans, tried to please another one, to be good. But in reality, this is not a manifestation of love. It is an attempt to get it, earn it, be worthy of it.

You are trying to unconsciously arrange favourable conditions for the attachment of a person to yourself. Behind hyper-care, there is a desire to control, kindness, and affection — the desire to tame the chosen one. It’s clear that when you don’t get what you expected in return, irritation, anger, and even hatred arise. It all depends on the degree of dissatisfaction and internal rates. The higher the sacrifice on your part, the greater the anger will be.

● They Don’t Leave When They Love

Does the partner break off relations with you, although it seemed to you that you loved them very much and they loved you back? The main emphasis is on your sensations, on the fact that it “seemed” to you. But was it really so? You will discover the actual ability to love and be loved in yourself only when you solve your internal problems. Otherwise, with every attempt to build a relationship, you will use the partner only to satisfy your own desires.

Not one man can cope with a woman’s dissatisfaction, no matter how perfect he is. The vagaries of a child can be difficult or impossible to satisfy. If these moods did not develop into insistent demands, perhaps there would be little chance of getting what was desired from the chosen one. Human desires are higher than the possibilities to satisfy them. And it would help if you worked hard on yourself, go through karmic lessons and accept the pain, frustration, to see the reality.

Relationships with your beloved man is a chance given to you by the Universe to complete a problematic lesson and learn from it the experience you need. Thanks to it, you have the opportunity to become wiser by healing heartache. Feeling that your need for love is not satisfied by a partner, you get annoyed for no reason, often their actions and words cause anger. The longer you suffer from dissatisfaction, the more difficult it is for you to maintain control of your own feelings.

Difficulty in control arises from a spiritual rapprochement with a man. If there is no spiritual intimacy, you hold the emotional distance with the chosen one, which allows you to control your emotions, actions, words. But at the same time, in any case, you do not feel happy. You do not have enough love and warmth. It is essential to understand that no matter what tactics and strategies you choose, you will always be unsatisfied. Because inside, there is a black hole gaping that does not allow you to be happy.

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