Reality show Zadruga the most googled word in Serbia

It’s that time of the year to make lists about the personalities and events that have marked the year, as well as the most popular movies, series, music, trends and many other terms.

YouTube has recently published a list of the most paid YouTube content creators in 2018, and now Google followed suit with the information about what the world’s most searched words using Google.

Google released both the global lists, and the lists for individual countries.

When it comes to the global list, this year’s most Googled sporting event was the World Cup in football, while in Serbia, this event was the third most searched term.

The most googled term in Serbia in 2018 was the reality show “Zadruga”.

2018 was the year when one of the best Serbian actors – Nebojsa Glogovac – passed away, hence his name was frequently searched too.

This actor, known for his roles in the movies like Hadersfild, Nebeska Udica, Klopka and as one of the best Hamlets in Serbian theatre, was the second most searched on Google in Serbia in 2018.

According to other Google searches, football remains the top sport in Serbia with FC Red Star in Champions League, its games with FC Liverpool and FC Napoli, placing in fourth and fifth place respectively on the list of most searched words.

Music was also high up on Google searches in Serbia, especially events like Beer Fest and Eurovision Song Contest.

The most googled events in Serbia:

1.World Cup in football

2.Red Star – Liverpool

3.Beer Fest

4. Eurovision Song contest

5. Red Star – Napoli



8.Serbia – Switzerland football game

9.Serbia – Brazil football game

10.Australian Open

The most googled TV series in Serbia: 

1. Ubice mog oca

2.Istine i laži

3.Jutro će promeniti sve


5.Pogrešan čovek

6.Žigosani u reketu

7.Povratak Lukasa

8.Za mog sina

9.Istanbulska nevesta

10.Nemanjići – rađanje kraljevine

(BBC, 12.12.2012)

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