Realistic growth of GDP 1.2%, unemployment 17.9%

In the Q4 of 2015, the realistic growth of the Serbian gross domestic product stood at 1.2% relative to the same period last year.

An 8% growth was recorded in the construction sector, 6.8% in water supply and waste water management, and 4.1% in the financial and insurance segment. Industrial production was 8.3% higher in January compared to a year ago.

In the electricity, gas and steam supply and climatisation sector the growth stood at 23.7%, in mining 8.3% and in processing industry 2.1%. There was a 19.5% growth in the energy production, as well as a 9.6% growth in the production consumer durables.

Production of electricity, tobacco products, chemicals and chemical products, coal exploitation and production of rubber and plastic goods had the biggest impact on the growth of industrial production in January 2016 compared to the same month previous year.

Relative to December 2015, supply of goods and services (expressed in current prices) dropped by 21.1%, and expressed in constant prices (excluding inflation) by 22.1%.

In the Q4 of 2015, the unemployment rate in Serbia stood at 17.9% – the State Statistical Office announced. Among men the unemployment rate was 17.4% and among women 18.4%.

According to a workforce survey, the unemployment rate in the region of Belgrade stood at 19.3%, in Vojvodina 16%, in the regions of Šumadija and West Serbia 17.6% and in the regions of South and East Serbia 18.8%.

Also in the Q4 of 2015, the unemployment rate in the workforce over 51 years of age was 42.4%. Among men the unemployment rate was 50%, and among women 35.2%.

(RTS, 29.02.2016)

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