Real estate prices in Serbia – the highest and the lowest

Last year, the cheapest apartments for purchase in Serbia were in Majdanpek and the most expensive in Belgrade. The most sought-after apartments are those in new buildings in residential complexes that offer additional services. Also, we will see yet another increase in real estate prices this year.

The municipality of Majdanpek is, statistically speaking, the cheapest area for buying real estate in Serbia, Petar Jovanov of the National Geodetic Authority told RTS.

In Majdanpek, the cheapest property retails for 200 euro per square metre and in the first half of 2019, the price went up between 40 and 50 euro.

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In terms of price fluctuations last year, the data is ready only for the first half of the year, since the second half is still being statistically processes. According to the available data, the real estate prices vary more or less 10% depending on the city.

When it comes to Belgrade, the cheapest real estate is in Rakovica, costing from 500 to 1,432 euro per sqm. In terms of apartments in old buildings, the most expensive apartments are in the municipality of Stari Grad, with an average price of 2,000 euro per sqm.

The most expensive new apartments are in the municipality of Savski Venac with an average price of almost 3,000 euro per square meter.

Petar Jovanov says that the most sought after and the most expensive apartments are in new buildings in new residential complexes.

Jovanov predicts that the real estate prices will continue to grow between 3% to 9% on average in 2020.

Average real estate prices in Serbian cities in 2019:

Bor – old building: 322 euro per sqm

Zajecar – old building: 457 euro

Subotica – old building: 533, new building: 799 euro

Vranje – old building: 534, new building: 680 euro

Kraljevo – old building: 595, new building: 897 euro

Uzice – old building: 626, new building: 894 euro

Novi Pazar – old building: 691, new building: 822 euro

Kragujevac – old building: 707, new building: 969 euro

Nis – old building: 730, new building: 878 euro

Novi Sad – old building: 1,067, new building: 1,132 euro

Prices in Belgrade’s municipalities (old and new buildings):

Rakovica – 500 (the cheapest) – 1,432 euro (the most expensive)

Cukarica – 605 – 2,015 euro

Zemun – 618 – 2,293 euro

Vozdovac – 625 – 2,333 euro

Zvezdara – 619 – 2,369 euro

Palilula – 626 – 2,731 euro

Novi Beograd – 667 – 3,539 euro

Savski Venac – 750 – 7,918 euro

Vracar – 960 – 3,125 euro

Stari Grad – 918 – 3,600 euro

(eKapija, 12.01.2020)

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