Real estate prices in Belgrade on the rise again

The most expensive apartment was a Belgrade Waterfront apartment sold last year, at a cost of 10,068 euros per square metre. The apartment was 144 square metres.

The most expensive garage was sold in the same neighbourhood (Savski Venac municipality) for 40,000 euros. According to data from the State Geodetic Authority, the most expensive older apartment was the one sold in Vračar, which went for 4,615 euros per square metre.

The most money spent on an apartment was 1,888,614 euros. The apartment is located in Novi Beograd and it spans 399 square metres. The most expensive house was sold in Savski Venac for 5 million euros.

The average price of an apartment in an old building in Serbia in 2021 was 1,104 euros per sqm, which is 10% more than in 2020, while in new buildings, apartments were sold for an average of 1,450 euros per sqm, which is about 9% more than in the previous year.

The most expensive office space was sold in the municipality of Cukarica in Belgrade. The new owners paid 11,538 euros per square metre for a total of 26 square metres, while the biggest amount of money spent on buying an office was 2,500,000 euros, which is how much an office in Novi Beograd cost.

The most expensive agricultural land was sold in Jakovo, near Surčin, at a price of 24.9 euros/sqm for a 59-acre plot. On the other hand, the most expensive agricultural land in Serbia in 2021 was sold in the municipality of Žitište – 3.5 million euros for 303 acres.

In 2021, 34% of apartments were bought with a help of a bank loan which is an increase of 1% year-on-year.

Apartment sales in 2021 were up 28% in relation to 2020, while the amount of money available on the real estate market was up 43% over the same period.

(Euronews, 01.03.2022)

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