Real data on coronavirus deaths in Serbia different to reported

Speaking to NewsMax Adria Daily Review TV programme on Tuesday, the chief epidemiologist and a member of the state anti-coronavirus Crisis Team, Predrag Kon, said his research showed three times more corona-related deaths from March to June than officially reported.

He also said there was a problem with the information system that collects data related to the coronavirus death toll and infected people.

The Belgrade NIN weekly reported that in July when Serbia was facing a new coronavirus wave, at least one hundred thousand fewer tests were performed than official data showed.

Editor-in-chief of BIRN Serbia, Milorad Ivanovic, said it is commendable that epidemiologist Predrag Kon has provided the real data on the number of coronavirus deaths in the country, “even if he did so with a few months delay”.

Ivanovic reminded that in June, when BIRN published an article on the deliberate manipulation with the numbers on COVID-19 deaths, Kon had said it was all “a conspiracy theory”.

Asked if it is possible that people maintaining the coronavirus information system were the only ones to blame for the inaccurate data on the number of deaths from COVID, the editor-in-chief of BIRN said that IT people were not to blame for that.

“Doctors from COVID hospitals were required to submit information on coronavirus death toll to the COVID-19 information system two hours after the death occurred, along with medical records. Doctors have always done this correctly. But, for instance, on April 13, doctors from COVID hospitals reported that 38 patients had died that day, while the Crisis Team said at the daily press conference that the death toll that day was only 5 deaths, ” Ivanovic revealed.

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“Someone else has decided to hide the real data and feed the public false numbers,” said Ivanovic.

Asked why the data was manipulated, Ivanovic said that that was “a great mystery”.

“There was no reason to reduce the number of victims, since even with the right numbers, Serbia was in a fairly good situation compared to other countries. I think they wanted to show that the situation was better than it was, for no special reason. In this country, lying has simply become the norm – lying for no reason, about everything and everyone, every day, without suffering consequences, ” Ivanovic added.

(Cenzolovka, 30.09.2020)

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