Re-categorizing roads in Belgrade now allows real estate developers to build next to them

Following the government’s decision to re-categorize a road in Belgrade and now brand it as a motorway section automatically lifts the ban on construction along this road – says Đorđe Miketić, from the Zajedno coalition.

On its March 20th meeting, the Government made a recategorize the road in Belgrade into M-11 motorway segment, which now means that the speed limit is 100km/h and that because this public road is considered a motorway segment, construction near and along it is allowed.

Miketić explained that every motorway has a so-called protective belt, that is, a 40-metre wide zone where construction is prohibited.

“Any above-ground construction, as well as construction and installation of plants and devices is prohibited in the protective zone,” Miketić pointed out.  

“(Recategorizing the road) will enable intensive construction, primarily the construction of high-rise buildings in Bežanijska Kosa, on the land plot below the Autokomanda and on many other land plots that are planned for real estate development, but have not been publicly revealed”, Miketić warned.

“Since Belgrade does not have a general spatial plan, such hastily made, profit-driven decisions that are in conflict with the public interest are possible”, he pointed out.

(Beta,, 02.04.2024)

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