Raskovic-Ivic: “The opposition should have only one presidential candidate”

The vice-president of the People’s Party, Sanda Raskovic Ivic, said that she expects the separation of presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections, and ” the freedom of the media and bringing order into public finances” to be agreed during the dialogue between the government and the opposition with the EU’s mediation.

“We must not allow the authorities to implement certain technical recommendations and keeping the media with national frequency closed to the opposition. We also need to prevent the pressure on voters from continuing and clientelism from flourishing. There are 700,000 people more on the electoral rolls than people eligible to vote,” Sanda Raskovic Ivic said in an interview for Blic daily.

She went on to say that the opposition should have only one presidential candidate so that votes are not wasted at the next presidential election.

Asked whether it was true “that the united opposition in Serbia does not exist anymore”, but that no one wants to say it publicly, she said that “anyone who thinks for himself thinks differently”.

“Thank God there is no Vucic no. 2 in the opposition, aligning small and large parties and demanding absolute monolithicity and submission. “There is still time until the elections and each party needs to build itself and present its own programme. Let’s not forget that the DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia” was formed only a few weeks before the 2000 elections,” said Raskovic Ivic.

Speaking about the presidential candidates, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said there are already two “exceptionally strong” candidates for the 2022 presidential election. She also expressed her belief that one of them will come out as the election winner.

Those candidates are current deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Marinika Tepic, and Serbian Orthodox bishop, Grigorije.

(N1, 10.01.2021)





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