Ramush Haradinaj removed from Interpol’s most wanted list

Ministers across Serbia have condemned the United Nation’s decision to remove Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj from the Interpol list.

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin contends that the move breaks the UNMIK stance on neutrality, while Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic claims he has only been dimmed from the Interpol list, not removed. He says that it was on behalf of Kosovo through the UNMIK since Kosovo is not a UN member.

“Haradinaj has been dimmed from the Interpol most wanted list following a request made by UNMIK since UNMIK represents Kosovo in Interpol. On the other hand, this does not mean that Haradinaj was erased from the wanted list, and we intend to use all legal means at our disposal to put him back on that list”, said Dacic.

Asked to clarify the difference between people being dimmed or erased from the most wanted list, Dacic said: “Withdrawing would mean that we are giving up all together from prosecuting Haradinaj. We have not given up”.

Dacic added that Interpol’s most wanted list had been submitted to a lot of politicization, and once arrests are made some Interpol countries are behaving in a very opportunistic manner, and become very bias regarding Interpol’s work.

“Interpol is the one who, technically speaking, needs to organize the search for the people who have been accused of the worst war crimes. On its part, Serbia is certainly not giving up its search”, Dacic said.

As for the communication with Interpol, Dacic explained that his Ministry was not in charge of it, but rather the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

(RTS, Balkan Insider, 03.12.2017)




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