Rakić-Vodinelić:”Vučić has been constantly violating the Constitution”

Retired Faculty of Law professor Vesna Rakić Vodinelić stated that by accepting the European agreement on Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić violated the Constitution to the extent that Kosovo’s independence was recognized.

Rakić Vodinelić was quoted as saying that it is “now a matter of interpretation” and that, “if the Constitutional Court interprets that Kosovo’s independence was recognized by that agreement, then that goes against the Constitution.”

She added that it is unlikely that the Constitutional Court will deal with the Agreement on the Normalization of Relations between Serbia and Kosovo, which, according to the media, Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti agreed to accept in its entirety in Brussels in February.

Professor Vodinelić also said that the Constitutional Court could deal with this agreement only together with the implementation plan, which, as announced by Vučić, will be signed.

“If it were to be ratified, the Constitutional Court could review whether it is constitutional or not,” said Rakić Vodinelić.

Vice-president of the People’s Party (NS) and a parliament member, Sanda Rašković Ivić, said that her party is in favour of initiating proceedings against President Aleksandar Vučić before the Constitutional Court and will coordinate the collection of signatures of Serbian MPs who share the same opinion to initiate relevant proceedings.

“Vučić is permanently violating the Constitution, and now he has overstepped the mark,” Rašković Ivić told the Danas daily.

“However, when initiating proceedings before the Constitutional Court for violation of the Constitution, things are different. Everyone agrees that Vučić is violating the Constitution and that we should try to stop him from doing so. This is an opportunity to publicly declare whether we want the rule of law, which is an important part of European values,” said Rašković Ivić.

Speaking about the European proposal for the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, to which, she says, Vučić agreed, she said that until now “Kosovo has been taken away (from Serbia) several times and now (Serbia) is giving it away freely”.

(N1, 07.03.2023)







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