Rakic: “2/3 of people in Vojvodina don’t have healthy drinking water”

The vice-president of the Democratic Party (DS), Dragana Rakic, said yesterday, on the occasion of the International Water Day, that 2/3 of people living in Vojvodina do not have healthy drinking water.

According to the statement, Rakic pointed out that more than 30% of drinking water in Serbia does not meet all the required standards, and in Vojvodina, the situation is even more alarming, and the percentage rises to 67%.

“At the same time, due to high exploitation, we are facing a reduction in groundwater resources and an increase in pollution of water used as raw material for drinking water production. There are no adequate wastewater treatment plants in Serbia as yet, and industrial and urban wastewater pollutes waterways instead of being filtered,” Rakic said.

She added that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is directly responsible for any misuse of public resources and all unresolved issues in this segment.

(Nova, 22.03.2021)




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