Rajic: “Workers have no one to look after their children”

The coordinator of the Business Support Network (Mreza za Poslovnu Podrsku), Dragoljub Rajic, said that a large number of people have asked to stay home from work because there is no one who can take care of their children while they are at work since nurseries have been closed since yesterday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He pointed out that that is a problem that creates a lot of problem for the Serbian economy too, because the current social structure does not allow a parent to stay at home, off work, and babysits like, for instance, in North Macedonia.

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“The workers are pretty much showing up regularly for work so far. One of the reasons is that foreign investors, as well as local investors, have trained staff for specific jobs and due to the shortage of this skilled workforce there should be no major changes,” said Rajic.

He added that if the crisis persists, multinational companies, especially in the tourism and automobile industries, will feel the problem, so short- and long-term plans have already been made to reduce the necessary number of employees, as well as to send employees on forced leave.

Rajic pointed out that if the crisis lasts two or three months, worldwide companies’ revenues will fall by 25%, and Germany and the United Kingdom estimate that the peak of the health crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak will occur by the end of May.

(021.rs, 16.03.2020)


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