Radulović: “Vučić’s statement on postponing elections is like ‘throwing a bone’ to the opposition”

The president of the Dosta je Bilo (DJB) movement, Sasa Radulovic, assessed that the statement made by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, regarding the possible postponement of the elections if the number of people infected with the coronavirus infected should increase, is only a political move to keep the opposition in good standing.

Radulović said that the elections scheduled for June 21 will not be postponed because Vučić is in a hurry.

“If Vučić postpones the election, come autumn, the Serbian economy will start collapsing. The elections cannot be postponed with a lex specialis, but a new state of emergency and curfew would have to be declared,” Radulovic warned.

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He added that only banks and global corporations benefit from every crisis, like an epidemic, and that “citizens, small companies and farms will pay the highest price”.

“If something doesn’t change, Serbia will turn into a German colony of the cheap workforce in the next 20 years. When our children leave the country to work abroad, migrants will have to be called to work in German factories in Serbia,” Radulovic believes.

“We will lose one million people due to a negative birthrate and take one million migrants. This is what Serbia is going to turn into – a country with a destroyed national economy that resembles a Chinese Orwellian society,” said the DJB leader, who believes that “Serbia and all the Balkans” are governed by the official Berlin.

“We, at the DJB, are fighting for an independent Serbia in which our citizens decide which direction to go in. We are fighting for a free state of free people – this is our vision of Serbia. The third Serbian uprising should not happen on the streets, but in people’s minds,” concluded Radulović.

(Naslovi.net, 19.05.2020)



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