Radulovic: “Serbia is ruled by a hysterical man who abuses people’s fear of the virus”

Sasa Radulovic, president of the Dosta je Bilo (DJB) movement, said that Serbia is the only country that is considering introducing a 24-hour curfew because of the coronavirus and that this is a direct consequence of the fact that “the president of the Serbian Progressive Party and the president of the country executed a coup d’état and suspended the parliament.”

“If the Parliament were to meet, Aleksandar Vucic would not be able to harass the nation every day and insult and humiliate citizens by proposing these measures, because these are not the powers of the president but of the parliament,” Radulovic said at a press conference in the Serbian Parliament.

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Radulovic said that most other countries are cautious about the coronavirus epidemic and that many experts claim that the virus is not at all dangerous as it is presented to the public.

“The recession that will follow and the destruction of the national economy will take many more lives than the virus. The reason why doctors don’t want to say this is they fear the World Health Organization and the consequences for their future. There is no reason to destroy the local economic system. There will be no closures of foreign companies that employ cheap labour,” he said.

“In Serbia, about 250 people die every day in summer and about 350 during the flu season every year, and nobody talks about it,” he said.

“Vucic scares people by announcing tens of thousands of deaths if unconstitutional measures are not introduced. This is absolute madness and falsehood…We have a hysterical man who rules the country in an unconstitutional manner and through press conferences. He must be stopped. In difficult times, we need common sense and facts and not emotions and panic. Serbia is led by a hysterical man who abuses the fear of the virus and intentionally increases panic. The consequences of this will be catastrophic for us,” concluded Radulovic.

(Naslovi.net, 30.03.2020)


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