Radovanović: “We are in the last wave of pandemic, life to start returning to normal in March”

Epidemiologist Zoran Radovanović said that we are currently in the last pandemic wave and that life will start returning to normal in March.

“If the virus radically mutates, which I don’t think will happen, we will have to wait. There will be new strains but no dramatic changes, so after March we will start living more normally,” Radovanović said for the new issue of Nedeljnik weekly.

According to him, the second generation of vaccines that will be made differently, i.e. not specifically related to a strain will be produced in the future, since previous vaccines were made to combat the first coronavirus strain.

“Everything will be up to us. The problem here is that, unlike some diseases that give permanent immunity, here, the immunity is relatively weak and short. It’s better if a person protects themselves with a vaccine or gets infected and heals,” Radovanovic adds.

The expert added that, as with influenza and because immunity is not permanent, people will have to be vaccinated from time to time, perhaps for several years.

“No one will be forced to vaccinate, as anti-vaxxers claim. No one will force children or even adults to get them,” the expert said.

(Nova, 16.02.2022)


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