Radovanovic: “The number of infected people is close to a realistic one but I am still suspicious”

“I am under the impression that the figures (of people infected and dying from COVID-19) are closer to the real situation, but if the numbers start to decrease abruptly by the end of August, it means that the authorities are trying to appease parents before school starts,” says Zoran Radovanovic, the renowned epidemiologist.

Asked whether yesterday’s drop in the number of infected people to 57 cases represents a realistic epidemiological picture, Radovanovic noted that the main problem is that only a few people in the country have the real numbers at their disposal.

“It was predicted that the number would start to decrease. At the same time, it coincides with the government’s decision to allow schools to open on 1st September. It is possible that the number has decreased, because we have the impression that we are closer to the truth in recent times than before. In the past, this deviation from reality was often drastic,” professor Radovanovic points out.

He also says that, in the coming days, we will know if the numbers are changing because of the beginning of the school year.

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“What’s probably going to happen is that, on August 30 or 31, the numbers will show there are only 5 newly infected people, with the view of appeasing parents and preparing them to instruct their children to be relaxed regarding returning to school,” he says.

The Dr Milan Jovanović Batut Public Health Institute of have cancelled mandatory PCR tests after the two-week isolation deadline. As stated in the press release, the doctor’s report and the release from quarantine will largely depend on the patient’s statement on how they feel.

When asked to comment on this decision, Radovanovic said:” “The question is whether the decision was made for professional reasons or they ran out of tests.”

As for the decision to allow visits to old people’s homes again, he says that it was made at the request of the people living in these homes and their family members.

(Nova, 25.08.2020)




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