Radovanović: “If we are not careful, a new wave of the virus is coming”

Epidemiologist Zoran Radovanović says that we are not at the end of the epidemic and that if we continue to pay little attention and refuse to continue implementing anti-corona measures we can expect the next wave of the coronavirus contagion to come soon.

The Serbian Government has adopted new legislation on relaxation of the measures with regard to indoor meetings but has introduced restrictions on outdoor meetings.

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“If you allow political rallies, then you have to allow all rallies. Dacic is allowed to rally, the Progressives are allowed to rally but football players are not? There is a risk, not only while they are all huddled up on stadium stands but especially when they are entering and leaving the stadium. Queues and traffic jams are created, people breathe in each other’s faces and this is undoubtedly a serious risk factor. But it is equally risky to put people on buses and bring them here, and then take them home and travel for hours; these are all situations that should be avoided or postponed,” concluded Radovanović.

(N1, 11.06.2020)



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