Radosavljevic:”Serbia’s public debt went up 100% in the last 10 years”

A few months ago, and for the first time in its history, Serbia’s public debt  exceeded 30 billion euros, which now stands at about 31 billion euros and has increased by over 100 percent in the last ten years, Goran Radosavljevic, an economist and deputy leader of the opposition Social-democratic Party (SDS) has said.

Radosavljevic added that when the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) took power in July 2012, the public debt amounted to about 15.45 billion euros, which was about 46 percent of GDP at that time.

„Ten years later, public debt rose to about 60 percent of GDP. Current government indebted Serbia far more than the former one during the world’s greatest economic crisis and our economy is struggling to survive in unprecedentedly difficult circumstances,“ he added.

Radosavljevic also said debt per capita currently stands at 2,278 euros.

“By comparison, the previous government inherited a public debt of around 14.2 billion euros in 2001, and in the next 11 years, the current government additionally indebted every citizen for some178 euros,” he added.

Besides, Radosavljevic went on to say that the debts toward foreign governments, particularly the Chinese one, increased significantly since 2012.

(Danas, 07.03.2022)



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