Radosavljevic: Telekom Serbia is heading for disaster

The news that Telekom Srbija has bought the rights to broadcast the English Premier League football matches on Arena Sport channels continues to provoke strong reactions from the public and experts alike.

Economist Goran Radosavljevic believes that Telekom Serbia is heading for disaster considering the company’s huge debts and meagre profit.

“The company has a very odd expansion strategy – like the acquisition of the Kopernikus cable operator and Kurir daily – none of which gave the expected results. I hope this is not another failure. If we consider that Telekom paid 100 million euro per season, and 380 games are played during the season, that means that for each game Telekom will have to sell commercials in the total amount of 260,000 euro per game, which is almost unbelievable because not all games are equally popular with the viewers, especially those at the beginning of the season,” says Radosavljević.

To remind, Telekom Serbia has bought the rights for the broadcast of the English Premier League (EPL), also referred to as Premiership (PS) football matches on its Arena Sport channel for 100 million euro per season, in the next six years, which is almost ten times more than previously paid by the United Group SBB’s Sport Klub.

(Nova, 23.07.2021)




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