Radoičić and Veselinović’s companies earned €63 million in 2019

KRIK’a journalist Bojana Pavlović says that the revenues of two companies belonging to controversial businessmen, Milan Radoičić and Zvonko Veselinović, both close to the Serbian top officials, which are engaged in paving most of the streets in Belgrade, amounted to 63 million euro in 2019.

The construction material for the paving of several streets in the downtown Belgrade was purchased from the company Granit-Peščar, in which Zvonko Veselinović and Milan Radoičić have a quarter ownership. This discovery by KRIK is just the latest in a series of connections with the Serbian government of the controversial duo.

“It is important to mention that these two have strong political connections. KRIK has published a photo of Zvonko Veselinović sitting with the President’s brother, Andrej Vučić, and chatting like two friends,” Pavlović said.

There is also a photo of Milan Radoičić with Behgjet Pacolli on a yacht. Radoičić and Veselinović act on the two fronts with the political leadership of Serbia and Kosovo being equally accessible to them.

Radoičić has been in the spotlight since authorities in Pristina issued an arrest warrant for him on suspicion of participating in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, leader of the SDP Initiative, three years ago in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Bojana Pavlović is a journalist of an investigative website KRIK who found herself in the centre of attention after she took photos of the son of the President, Danilo Vučić, in a bar in the company of Aleksandar Vidojević, a thug close to the Kavač criminal clan. After she took the photos, she was approached by three men and her phone was confiscated.

(Nova, 18.01.2021)



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