Radnaprava.rs – new website teaching you how to protect your work rights

The new website RadnaPrava.rs, set up by the Centre for Emancipation Policies (CPE), helps people to check whether their work rights have been violated by filling out a questionnaire consisting of 22 questions, including questions about undocumented work, overtime exceeding eight hours per week, non-payment of overtime, private questions to employees on their intention to start a family or on their marital status.

According to Vladimir Simović, a member of the organisation, the CPE’s team will also give instructions on where to turn for help in case of violation of these rights.

“Simply by filling in the questionnaire, you will be able to quickly find out whether your work rights have been violated and will also receive instructions on where to turn for help and support,” Simović adds.

After completing the questionnaire, instructions will be given for possible further steps. “One of these steps could be to contact the CPE, which is a registered provider of free legal aid. But we are also in contact with trade unions, labour inspectors and other providers of free legal assistance”, said Simović.

(N1, 07.10.2021)


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