Rada Trajkovic: Vucic is obstructing investigation into Ivanovic’s murder

Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic is “directly obstructing the investigation into the assassination of a Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic”, claims Rada Trajkovic, the President of European Movement in Kosovo.

Official Belgrade reacted promptly, denying the truthfulness of her statement.

Trajkovic also said Ivanovic’s murder was an act of state terrorism to prolong Vucic’s rule in north Kosovo.

The head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric rejected Trajkovic’s claims, describing them as “dangerous and shameless.” “I think it’s necessary to establish if she is telling the truth, i.e. what proof she has. If she is not telling the truth, she should be held responsible for spreading of panic,” Djuric said.

“How am I supposed to interpret the situation when a country’s president makes the information about the investigation into a murder public. How I see it, this is a message to all who testified or those who plan to, that he knows everything that is going on,” Trajkovic added.

Vucic has recently accused Trajkovic of giving a statement to Pristina prosecutors which resulted in two Serbs being detained since November 23rd.

Djuric went even a step forward by publishing a document on his Twitter account, claiming that was Trajkovic’s original statement.

Trajkovic doubted the authenticity of the document, adding “the identity of a person who testifies is not revealed.” She accused the state officials, and tabloids of “putting a target on her back”, so to speak, adding she would request an escort when leaving Kosovo due to her personal safety being jeopardized by President Vucic’s threats.

A few months before Ivanovic was gunned down outside his party office on January 16th, 2018, the media loyal to Serbia’s president launched a smear campaign against him by portraying him as a traitor during the local election in Kosovo north in November 2017.

Trajkovic told N1 that Kosovo’s Special Prosecutor summoned many of those who had contacts with Ivanovic to give statements.

“I was one of them. The Prosecutor had all my statements, mostly given to the media, but there was some personal correspondence too. Also, there was my interview that I gave for the Belgrade-based Happy TV during which I said that the mafia from northern Kosovo was behind the assassination, organization- and logistics-wise,” Trajkovic said.

She then also said she believed that “a part of Serbia’s security service (BIA) was involved as well.”

“I don’t know if Serbia’s security service used the mafia or vice versa, but it was obvious that some joint project was in the works,” Trajkovic said.

(Danas, N1, 22.04.2019)




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