Quicker journey from Serbia to Greece this summer thanks to Open Balkans

Starting this summer, drivers from Serbia will be able to pay toll in North Macedonia without stopping their vehicles.

The same will apply to Macedonian drivers using Serbian roads. Serbian drivers will pay toll in North Macedonia with a single TAG without any additional device or card needed.

This singular electronic toll system applies only to the citizens of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania as part of the Open Balkans initiative and should be launched in June – said Serbian Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Goran Vesić.

„We are also close to reaching the same kind of agreement with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina“, Vesić said and added that he believed that Serbian TAGs will be valid in most neighbouring countries soon. Slovenia has also recently expressed its interest in joining this toll collection system.

According to the data collected by the public enterprise Roads of Serbia, about 700,000 drivers in our country use TAGs, while 568,000 drivers use electronic toll collection. The total number of users who registered their TAG device on the electronic toll collection website and pay toll with a registered payment card currently stands at 3,617.

(Bloomberg Adria, 25.05.2023)


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