Putin’s visit to Belgrade was not officially scheduled

The Serbian Ambassador to Moscow, Miroslav Lazanski, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not left Russia since February and that his official visit to Serbia was not planned, even though there was a plan related to the grand opening of the Temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade.

“Given that the works (on the Temple) have not yet been completed, and there is a new wave of coronavirus, it is risky to have 30,000 people and the Russian President present at the opening,” Lazanski said.

He also said that when an official visit from the Russian President is cancelled, the procedure is recorded and the reason why it was cancelled is stated.

“Putin has not left Russia since February this year and has not been visiting foreign countries,” Lazanski said.

Asked when Putin could come to Serbia, Lazanski said it all depended on the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We are all looking forward to the vaccination. The Russian military leadership has been vaccinated, and when and if Putin will be vaccinated is his personal decision. He doesn’t meet up with government ministers, as everything is done online, ”Lazanski noted.

He added that as a result of the pandemic, four million Moscow citizens work from their homes. Speaking about the agreement signed in Washington between Belgrade and Pristina, Lazanski said he had no comment on the matter.

In the meantime, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who was supposed to arrive in Belgrade this week, has cancelled his visit because the Russian politician is in self-isolation due to contacts with people who tested positive for COVID-19.

(B92, 27.10.2020)



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